Blog #6

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

When have you ever thrown something of value away and lacked to notice what it could be transformed into? Anything can be transformed, from a simple piece of wood, or even an old dresser. Everyday objects can be recycled and changed into a true masterpiece by a few touch ups. Not only can you make the earth a better place to live by keeping the toxins it takes to burn unwanted trash away, but you will also be able to create a creative and useful piece of art or furniture.


The earth needs help to keep it healthy, one way to help is to recycle or to simply help out in anyway you can.

There are many ways recycling can help the earth. Recycling can help the earth by taking away the unnecessary pollution in the air. Not only does recycling take away from the pollution but it also helps decrease the harmful gases in the air that may cause diseases or respiratory problems. Recycling also gives jobs to those who work on making the plant green. When you think about it, what could possibly beat the price of free? Have you ever thrown away your old things when you could have taken it somewhere to get recycled or repurposed it yourself? Knowing myself, most of the time free is a great price for me. Why throw away wood pallets when you can get a couch out of it? If someone has left over wood palettes, the creations  are endless.


Wood palettes work great to make a couch. Just form this picture you can see that even wood palettes can be a site for sore eyes.

Recycling your furniture does not always have to come from a random furniture that you picked up from the store a few years ago, it could also have some sort of significance that you simply do not want to throwing away. For example if you have a bookshelf that has been passed down from generations, odds are that you do not wish to get rid of it; this is when recycling or even just restoring your furniture can take place. If you cannot get rid of the bookshelf but you have always wanted a nice little table, then it is almost certain that someone could help you with changing it into something that you could keep for the years to come. Not only can you still keep the things closest to you, but they can also be useful and you will not have the guilt of creating pollution or hoarding the objects in your home. When it comes down to it, at the end of the day, your trash may turn out to be someone else’s treasure. Even contrary wise someone else’s trash may even be your treasure someday.

 If you have a hard time thinking about where to start with creating furniture with recycled items, I hope this video can help you get some ideas flowing.


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