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We want you! Do you want us?


Interested in joining STR 128? if so,read along and I might be able to clear some things up. It is a given, not everyone is great at everything. When someone is interested in a study all they need is the correct mind set and a push in the right direction. As an Early College Program student, currently taking Promotional Writing with Dr.Laura Young, I have learned some things about strategic communication that I might not have other wise known. The most important thing I have learned thus far in this class is that you have to know your audience. Without a certain audience in mind it will be difficult to grasp a readers attention.

Next, ask yourself what kind of audience am I writing to. My answer would be, people who are interested in journalism, marketing, and campaigning are audience. Strategic communication has to do with that and much more. Strategic communication is about connecting with your audience to get important information across without there being any false information; not only that but the writer and the reader should also have some sort of connection through the writing. The writer should be talking about the truth and even give out a few facts. Just like there writer, it is imperative that the reader also give feed back to help the writer clear up their writing for the next time.

Do you think that you might be interested in strategic communication or promotional writing? If so then looking into the STR 128 class will work in your benefit. You will be able to work a lot with more online things. For example, social media is a more looked at source then it was a while back. Social media gives you quick and easy connection to your audience, which may or may not work in your favor. Even if writing is not your strongest point, learning the basic information through this class can work for you in the long run. Imagine marketing one of your own products. The way you put your product out there is by complementing its strong points. The best part about complementing the products strong points is that you can point out things that fit with different audiences. For instance some may like the color, the way it functions, the scientific thought put into the product, or even just the look. All of which you can learn in the STR 128 class. Next time remember that almost everything around you is promoted in some type of way, whether you may realize it or not. After reading this I hope you received some interesting and new information, and do not forget to look into the class. What’s the worst thing that can happen? You learn something new?

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