Blog #3

Servant Leadership

                     Dennis Bowden is a former CIA Officer, as well as an executive intelligence analyst, business development, and adjunct professor. He is also serving as Intelligence Program Account Executive at LMI. LMI is a non-profit organization that has been helping USG with their decisions for over 50 years. This organization is best known for putting their best minds forward, when it comes to addressing intricate issues through out the federal government. Due to their employees diverse backgrounds they are able to obtain more original and a wider range of solutions that federal managers are able to see. Mr. Bowden’s talks mainly about his positions with the CIA, and how it has opened his eyes to different things he has learned throughout his time working for them. He also speaks about who some fail to see the bigger picture when they focus on their short term goals. Bowen is very confident about his prior decisions and statements when he was working with the CIA. Through his words one can tell that he has a passionate mind when it comes to his working career background.
Servant leadership is when a servant leader helps others be able to reimageach the top of their goals as well as possible and they put other before themselves. Leadership is when one person helps lead a group of people or a business. The difference between these two is that, servant leadership is having the person help others reach the top with the best of their abilities; where as traditional leadership is having one person lead others in a certain directions without having to stick around and help them reach their potential. Servant leadership in organizations is making sure that everyone is being taken care of before themselves. One of our world’s most recent servant leaders is Martin Luther King Jr. We know that he spoke for everyone through his speeches. He always saw his vision for the world, but as we also know he did it for everyone else’s benefit. He thought of ways that would help African Americans in the world, and he stopped at nothing to have his voice heard. Nothing slowed him down when it came to his speeches, making each one more and more powerful. Just as Martin Luther King Jr. Mr. Bowden has the same image in his mind which is to help others through their journeys and make sure they can do their possible best.



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