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        Campus Ecology Get Involved Today



Care comes first

National Wildlife Federation (NWF) campus ecology is a great way for students, faculty, administrators, and sustainability professionals to get involved in their community. There are all types of different things one can participate in by signing up at


Reconnect with Wildlife



           Where did it all start?

This network began in the 1900’s where there were not any nation wide nor constituency to support conservation. Founder of NWF, Ding Darling, was able to convince President Roosevelt to convene more than 2,000 hunters, anglers and conservationists from all across the country. We started as the General Wildlife Federation but later changed to the National Wildlife Federation.



Join in with the Green Team! 

What we do?

  • Protect Endangered Species
  • Stop the Spread of Invasive Species
  • Create Safe Corridors for Wildlife
  • Restoring Bison to the Great Plains
  • Protect Wildlife from Dirty Energy and a Changing Climate
  • Advocate for Conservation
  • Connect Kids and Nature



  • Bad Bison Bills Defeated
  • Keeping Public Lands in Public Hands
  • Wildlife Acres Secured for Bighorn Sheep
  • Holding BP Accountable for Gulf Restoration
  • Defending Endangered Orcas in Puget Sound
  • Giving Wildlife a Second Chance on the Roan Plateau
  • Breaking Through on Climate Change



How to get involved


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